3D Fiberglass Woven

The 3D fabric consists of an integrated glass fiber three-dimensional fabric, two deck coats and a interconnecting glass fiber yarn with a thickness of 3-30mm.
Fabric impregnated resin fast, labor saving, time saving, material saving, market price ratio.
Lighter, anti-shock, layered, thermal insulation, excellent sound insulation,
Various surface modeling suitable for cornering soft and easy;
All kinds of suitable flame retardant composite products, certain fire resistance class;
3D fabric structure, laminate and face thickness, density, fiber yarn material can be adjusted according to the performance requirement end use.

Usage areas
valve, spacer, partition wall
bathroom floor and other building decoration materials
containers and all kinds of water tan
FF double wall tank, SF double wall
industrial plant, movable board room, wall materials
cabin, compartment and other ship industry, such as yacht, entertainment hull, cabin top compartment
aviation, high speed rail, radar cover, and other military products