He started his commercial life in 1997.

Our company, which started to operate in the field of isolation in 2001, also carries out application works in addition to the wholesale and retail material sales in all isolation areas (sound, heat, etc.). It started to sell construction textile products in 2005 and became one of the leading companies in its sector. When it comes to 2014; started to manufacture most of the products imported abroad in its factory in Kocaeli and took its place among the firsts of our country in this field.


To maintain to be esteemed, thrustworthy and the preferred brand feature by putting the customer focality high order with the international quality standard products and services in the business. To carry the national success to the international arena and to be oen of the leading name in the working areas that see growing potential.


To serve with the corporate quality understanding that is consist of modern technology usage, expert human resource and fund of knowlegde by applying investment policy that is shaping in the basis of the Pioneering and creating difference principle. To move with the consious that the profit gets through quality in the long term, to contribute to the sectors in business in every condition improvement of the economy, to maintain the sustainability by being confiding group in every way.